Coastal Action
A charitable organization addressing environmental concerns within the South Shore region of Nova Scotia since December 1993. This includes the group’s work on two studies involving American eel: elver abundance study and silver eel study.

Eel Reproduction Innovation Centre (EELRIC)
EELRIC functions as a platform for the reproduction of eel in captivity and home for an international consortium of partners sharing experience and collaborating to create breakthroughs.

Fisheries Council of Canada (FCC)
Established in 1915, the FCC is the voice of Canada’s fish and seafood industry, promoting a healthy resource and prosperous industry. The non-profit trade organization also works with international agencies and fishing industry counterparts regarding issues such as sustainable fisheries management, conservation and export to foreign markets.

Sustainable Eel Group (SEG)
A Europe wide conservation and science led organisation working with partner bodies and individuals to accelerate the eels recovery.

Center for Cooperative Aquaculture Research 
The Center for Cooperative Aquaculture Research (CCAR) was founded in 1999 by the University of Maine as an aquaculture research and development facility, to address industry needs at industry scale.  Located on Taunton Bay in Franklin, Maine, the CCAR’s extensive facilities include marine hatcheries, where juvenile fish, invertebrates, and sea vegetables are propagated for research and industry. Its mission is to grow the aquaculture sector in Maine through innovation, demonstration, facilitation, collaboration and education.


Sustainable Eel Group (SEG) Videos
At CCSEF, we believe strongly in sharing good work of others in the eel and fisheries industries. Here is a selection of videos available from SEG. VIEW


Why are eels trafficked?
(Resource: Sustainable Eel Group) From July 2019, SEG explores the question … Why are eels trafficked? READ MORE


Hinterland Who’s Who

Wildlife was introduced to many Canadians through the popular Hinterland Who’s Who television announcements, or vignettes. First created in the early 1960s, Hinterland Who’s Who made bold use of a relatively new medium — black and white television — to reach the Canadian general public. The new Hinterland Who’s Who series with its accompanying Web site will rebuild the connection thousands of Canadians made with wildlife through the original series. LEARN MORE

Eel Stewardship Fund (ESF)
The Eel Stewardship Fund is established to help finance a large number of activities that contribute to the recovery of the eel stocks in European inland waterways and coastal lagoons. LEARN MORE

Eel Stewardship Association (ESA)
The Eel Stewardship Association is founder of the Eel Stewardship Fund. Its main goal is to accelerate the eels recovery in Europe and adopting measure to ensure sustainable use of the stock. LEARN MORE

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